Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wire Edge Ribbon Pansies

These are Wire Edge Ribbon Pansies

Real French Ombre Ribbon is prefered but hard to find.
You can get a 1" wide wire edge ribbon from Offray.

Cut two pieces of 1" wide Ribbon 4" long
Cut one piece of 1" wide Ribbon 12" long

Pin as shown.  Be mindful of the shading on the ribbon.
The centre section on the 12" piece of ribbon measures 4"

Do a running stitch along the ribbons as shown.

Gather the ribbons up and this is what you will have.

To get the yellow centre simply tie a loose know in
a piece of yellow ribbon as shown and stick it through the hole.

The ribbons are placed and stitched to a piece of crinoline. 
Since crinoline is hard to find any firm fabric will do.

To use them to embellish a garment, stitch the edges down here and there, then fluff them up after washing the garment on gentle (inside out).

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